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The Rule Of Thirds

Introduction to Digital Photography

An introductory, hands-on workshop in which you’ll learn the basics of photography and get to know and understand your equipment, both point and shoot and digital SLR cameras. You’ll learn about composition, depth of field, exposure and the effective use of lenses. Hands-on camera photo walks will give you the opportunity to practice and experiment with what you’ve learned. You’ll come away with a good understanding of photography, how your camera works, and how to get the pictures you want. Bring your camera and manuals, a charged battery, and a memory card.

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Photographing Your Art

In a one day workshop you’ll learn the basic techniques for creating quality photographs of your artwork for exhibitions, portfolios and much more. We’ll cover the camera, lighting and creating a setup to photograph 2D, 3D, and small objects.

November 15,  2018 December 13, 2018

January 24, 2018 February 21, 2018






For information and registration:  armoryart.org

Photography for Your Small Business

Making your business look great on line and on budget! You'll learn some of the basics of photography. How to set up a small home studio for product and people shoots. We'll cover shooting for the web, public relations and print media.

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November 2 - November 23, 2018

Janurary 9 - Febreary 1, 2019






October 30 - December 18,  2018

Janurary 8 - February 26, 2019





November 2 - December 21,2018

Janurary 11 - March 1, 2019





Making Pictures, Not Taking Pictures

Take your photography to the next level using your camera as a tool to express ideas.. Learn the rules of composition to create dramatic and meaningful images. How to use depth of field and choose lenses. Lean basic Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

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